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Organic Royal Quinoay

About Us

Our Strategies

Our strategy is working as a team, with our suppliers, producers and associates who have desires do honest business. Constant communication between suppliers and negocios-demandantes is the base of the success. Count on a solid database and the aid of tools. .

Our Solutions

International New Market believes in our products and suppliers, we make strategic alliances with Bolivian companies and in South America for the opening of new markets in Asia, North America and Europe. We have established contacts with companies seeking products in South America, we are creating a platform of international labour.

Our Vision

Somos el puente conectados en el comercio exterior, Business to Business (B2B) y Business to Consumer (B2C).

Our Mission

Abriendo las puertas a nuestros productos, conformando alianzas estretegias con proveedores y compradores, logrando el comercio exterior de excelencia.

Our Policies

Constant Communication with our customers.

honesty and effectiveness.

loyalty with our company, customers and suppliers.

Excel in customer services.

Transmission knowledge to grow